Cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin in one treatment

Introducing the HydraBrilliant facial, a unique treatment that combines the technology of the tried and true HydraFacial with the Clear + Brilliant laser.

HydraBrilliant is a new kind of ‘super-facial’

The HydraBrilliant Facial is a powerful treatment combination created specifically for people who want the brightening effects of the HydraFacial with the anti-aging effects of the Clear + Brilliant laser.

Two of the best technologies. One short treatment.

An all-in-one facial for all skin types: HydraBrilliant stimulates new collagen, reduces the appearance of sun damage or pigmentation, brightens the skin’s tone, smoothes texture and so much more.

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HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate for an instant glow.

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Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliants prevents the visible signs of aging and reduces pore size.

510+ Happy HydraBrilliant Patients


“Before my daughter’s wedding, I wanted a little bit of a skin boost, but nothing major. The HydraBrilliant Facial was under an hour and my skin was visibly glowing after…for once, I was excited to take photos.”

—Cheryl Y.


“I’ve been doing the HydraFacial every 3-5 months for a few years now, but wanted to add something that would erase my sun damage—HydraBrilliant shrunk my pores and brightened my skin in one treatment. ”

—Michael P.

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 Frequently Asked Questions About HydraBrilliant

  • ➕What is Clear + Brilliant?

    Clear + Brilliant is an effective and common treatment to help enhance your skin. If you’re combating aging effects on your skin, or you’re trying to prepare before the battle even starts, Clear + Brilliant is here to help. With proven and gentle laser treatments, guided by a certified aesthetician, you’ll finally be able to prevent or treat signs of aging. This 10 to 20-minute procedure, will leave your skin feeling refreshed, smoother, and more youthful. If you’re looking for that radiant and youthful glow, without an invasive treatment, Clear + Brilliant is your secret potion.

  • ➕What is Clear + Brilliant Permea?

    The Clear + Brilliant Perméa is a hand piece that treats you to a variety of benefits such as enhancing skin permeability and increasing the effectiveness of topical skin care products. Immediately after treatment, you’ll feel all the difference in the way your favorite products will work on your skin. Interestingly, in clinical studies, individuals treated with Clear + Brilliant Perméa followed by a topical antioxidant serum highlighted greater skin tone, boosted radiance, and overall improved appearance.

  • ➕What is the HydraFacial?

    The HydraFacial deeply cleanses and moisturize your skin. This rejuvenating facial essentially removes dull skin cells and extracts impurities while cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing the face. It works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also known to target acne-prone skin and hyperpigmentation, and functions to improve such concerns. This 60-minute treatment is soothing, nourishing, and shows immediate results. If you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated, the HydraFacial is exclusively designed for you.

  • ➕Who is a good candidate for the HydraFacial?

    Almost every individual looking to enhance and smoothen the skin can be a perfect match for HydraBrilliant. It is important to note, however, that if you are seeking dramatic changes or corrections, you may want to opt for a more major alternative such as Botox or Juvederm. Before your HydraBrilliant session, you will have a short consultation, highlighting key trouble spots you may want to target. Once you have stated and addressed all potential concerns, you will then be able to maximize results with this boosting facial.

  • ➕What results can I expect from the HydraBrilliant facial?

    You will begin with the HydraFacial which will soothe and cleanse your skin. Your skin will enjoy vortex cleaning and hydra peel exfoliation. Next, is extraction in which a strong vacuum is used to remove blackheads and impurities of the skin. The aesthetician will then apply the vortex infusion to deliver pro antioxidants with hyaluronic acid into the skin. This is also known as the detoxification step. Lastly, you will be introduced to the Clear+ Brilliant treatment, where a topical cream will first be applied to the face. The aesthetician will gently navigate the Clear+ Brilliant device across the target area, and treat the skin for approximately 10 minutes. With the Clear + Brilliant Perméa treatment, a topical antioxidant cream will be applied to the relevant area immediately after the procedure, to ensure maximal performance and results.

  • ➕Why should I choose Elias Dermatology?

    When it comes to maintaining healthy skin and fighting to age, we all need a little help. The HydraBrilliant will not give you a standard facial because it’s meant to give you a lot more. With exfoliation, extraction, antioxidant pampering and a laser procedure, you’ll see results you’ll love. Try HydraBrilliant today at Elias Dermatology and schedule a consultation to get started.