How to Take Care of Oily Skin in the Summer

Oily skin can be tough in any season, but it becomes especially difficult in the summer. The summer heat wave causes an increase in temperature and humidity, resulting in an increased level of oil production. You may not be able to alter your oily skin genes, but there are many proactive ways to take care of your skin. Here are our most recommended techniques on how to take care of oily skin the summer.

How to Take Care of Skin in Summer

A daily skin care routine for oily skin in summer is the most efficient way to manage your skin. The most important aspects of your skin care routine are cleansing, moisturizing, toning, and SPF. With this powerful combination, your oily skin will look flawless in no time.

Regular CleansingRegular Cleansing

One of the most effective ways for keeping oil at bay is a regular cleansing routine. If you’re not washing your face every morning and night, you’re creating an opportunity for oil and dirt build-up to occur. Even in the mornings, you may have just been sleeping, but your skin can still produce oil during the night. Be sure to use warm water when cleansing your face, as lukewarm water breaks down oil, dirt, and clogged pores more effectively than cold water. We recommend using a cleanser with 2% salicylic acid. Even if you’re not prone to breakouts, the salicylic acid will dry the skin just enough to prevent oil during the day.

Light Moisturizer

A summer skin care routine for oily skin is a must. For those who have naturally oily skin, it can be tempting to skip moisturizer altogether. Turns out, this can cause a more oily complexion. When your skin is stripped of its natural oils, it’s crucial you replace them so that your skin doesn’t go into overdrive and end up producing more oil than you desire. After cleansing, a light moisturizer should be applied, morning and night. During the day, apply a light sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30.  

Use a Toner

ToningYou may be wondering how to take care of acne prone skin in summer. Cleansing, moisturizing, and toning are all impactful steps in a skin care routine targeted against acne. For oily, acne prone skin, use an oil controlling toner. A toner that removes excess oil, dirt, and minimizes pores, is absolutely necessary for those who suffer from acne. When you wash your face, oil and dirt can still get left behind. A toner is designed to prevent and diminish clogged pores and keep your oil levels down.

Wear Less Heavy Makeup

Foundation is heavier on the skin during the hot and humid summer months. When the foundation melts into your pores, it results in clogged pores and more oil. Opt for a tinted moisturizer, light coverage foundation, or a mineral foundation.

Blotting Papers Are Your Best Friend

Every time you’re feeling oily it’s natural to want to wash your face, but overwashing can leave your skin dry also causing excess oil production. Blotting papers are an oily-skinned girl’s best friend. Carry them in your purse, and blot as much as necessary.


There you have it, our top recommendations on how to take care of oily skin in the summer. Taking care of your skin is one of the most important aspects of your beauty routine. For glowing, healthy, and plump looking skin, the correct skin care routine is vital. Request an appointment today with our highly-experienced dermatologists, and experience life-changing results.

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