Summer Ready: Foot Care Tips You Should Know

Summer is coming, and you’re going to need pretty feet for your trip to the beach. Whether you’re wearing flip flops, open toe shoes, or going barefoot style, your feet will need some attention and care during the sunny season. Here are a few summer ready foot care tips you should know:

Routinely Wash Your Feet

Summer Ready_ Foot Care Tips You Should Know Featured Image 1 Wash Your Feet

Your feet tend to get sweatier and dirtier than other areas of your body. It’s critical to wash them regularly and ensure that you are not going to bed with dirty feet. Wash your feet twice daily with a mild use of soap.

By using soap and some lukewarm water, you’ll be able to easily remove sweat, bacteria, and dirt that may still be sticking to your feet. Although you may be tempted, using hot water is not a good idea. Doing so will wipe out your skin’s natural oils, dry out your skin,  and make it more susceptible to developing cracks.

Last but not least, make sure that you use a gentle towel to clean any remaining water between your toes, as it can result in the development of fungal infections.


Scrubbing your heels and feet on a regular basis is critical. As your feet maintain thicker skin, it is a smart idea to make sure that you are removing dead skin by exfoliating.

Exfoliating and scrubbing your feet twice a week will help reduce any potential risks of corns or callus development. In order to properly do this, you will need to use a pumice stone or a foot scrubber. Both of these tools will help you remove dead skin cells, and lead to smoother skin.

If you’re not into pumice tones or scrubbers, you can even make your own foot scrub at home. Simply mix sugar or salt with baby oil. Once properly mixed, gently apply this to your feet and massage for a few minutes. Finish off by rinsing your feet with cool water and patting your feet dry including the areas between your toes.

The Baby Foot Peel is our absolute favorite and is sure to get your feet summer ready. This peel gets its name from the common desire to have feet as soft as a baby’s. Your feet will be scrubbed, pampered, exfoliated and moisturized all in the same session, to reach the ultimate softness. Who wants to miss an opportunity like that?


Summer Ready_ Foot Care Tips You Should Know Featured Image 2 Moisturize


With all the contact and friction your feet experience every day, they are certainly more prone to becoming dry and cracked. This is why it is critical that you moisturize your feet a few times a day, specifically before going to bed.

If you feel like your feet need the extra moisture, massage them with extra foot-cream and then cover them up with socks before going to bed. As the feet are covered, the moisture is retained longer.



Summer Ready_ Foot Care Tips You Should Know Featured Image 3 PedicureAlthough you can definitely do this at home, some prefer to do this at a spa or beauty salon. Whatever the case may be, make sure that you are trimming your toenails and cutting back your cuticles at least once a month.

Trimming your toenails helps prevent ingrown toenails and lower risks of infection. Whether you’re heading to your local nail technician or for a spa treatment, make sure that all the tools being used as sterilized. Take a look around you and make sure the salon or spa is clean and can be trusted.

Pedicures can get expensive, but they are definitely worth it.

There you have it, the ultimate steps to take for your flawless summer feet. Remember to keep your feet clean, washed and exfoliated. Don’t be lazy about your daily rituals, and you’ll see a drastic change very quickly.

Now that you know our summer ready foot care tips, it’s time to get the rest of your body ready for summer! Make sure you schedule a consultation with the right cosmetics experts. Whether you need a facial, laser treatment, or even body contouring, Elias Dermatology is here to make it happen.

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