Skin Care in your 40’s: What You Should Know

For many years your youthful-looking skin was a given, with very few worries about skin care needs. But as you approach the big 4-0 hit, and all bets were off.  Our skin changes as we age (a natural occurrence with the aging process), and so should our skincare needs – especially after we hit the age of 40.

Prominent Signs of Aging Skin

Here's what happens to our skin and the factors that contribute to those changes:

collagen and elastin production declines, causing a loss in skin elasticity. Collagen is the most prominent protein in our bodies, and we produce it naturally.  But we can begin to produce less collagen starting in our mid-30s, and a loss of collagen eventually leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.Our levels of hyaluronic acid, another substance found naturally in the body, also drops. As oil production decreases, drier skin increases.  

Menopause and Skin Changes

We can't discuss aging skin without discussing peri-menopause and menopause when estrogen levels begin to decline. Estrogen keeps our skin supple, and its loss leads to thinner skin. You’ll also notice that you’ll bruise more easily.

skin care routine for 40s

skin care routine for 40s

Keep Aging at Bay

All of this leads to more visible signs of aging:  fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffiness, droopy skin, patchy skin, loss of volume, a duller complexion, jawline changes, and – unfortunately, so much more. Managing and keeping the signs of aging at bay, is one of our priorities.

Are Those Fines Lines on My Face?

One of the first signs of aging is fine lines. You'll notice frown lines deepening on your forehead, while wrinkles will also become more prominent around your jawline, mouth, and lips. The skin around your eyes also takes a major hit. One of the ways to address under eye wrinkles is by boosting your collagen production, and there are a number of collagen-boosting treatments that can take years off your face. A good eye cream containing the popular skin care ingredients - retinol and retinoids - is an excellent start.  

A good facial, such as the HydraFacial will also help boost collagen while moisturizing your skin. Other ways fines lines and wrinkles are targeted include laser treatments, chemical peels, Botox®, and dermal fillers, like Juvederm® and Restylane.

Can You Spot the Spots?

Another prominent early sign of aging is hyperpigmentation, those darker patches of skin. The most common forms of hyperpigmentation are age spots, liver spots, or sunspots. You can find them on the face, hands or other areas of your body that are exposed to the sun. Here at Elias Dermatology, we target pigmentation with chemical peels, laser treatments, and microneedling.

Let’s Discuss Anti-Aging Skin Care

Elias Dermatology offers a multitude of anti-aging treatments and services, both surgical and non-surgical. Make an appointment to see us so we can discuss the best anti-aging skin care treatments for your 40s. Call us at 954-771-0582 at our Fort Lauderdale location, or call 954-961-5322 at our Pembroke Pines location. You can also request an appointment on our website. We look forward to helping you reach your cosmetic goals for 2019! 

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