Preventing and Treating Aging Hands

When we think of preventing the aging process, we usually think of our faces. Avoiding premature wrinkles is often our biggest concern. We wear sunscreen during the day, moisturize at night and wash our faces at least twice daily. We spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars annually on injections, creams, and serums that promise the most youthful skin possible. Unfortunately, the one part of our body we tend to neglect the most is also one of the parts that age most rapidly: our hands. Joan Rivers once said, “Believe me, you can hide a lot of things, but the hands always give it away.” She wasn’t wrong—the first parts of your body to show signs of aging are your hands, and signs can start to appear as early as your mid-20s.

Interested in protecting those digits? Keep reading for some great tips.

Getting Started

As with many things in life, the sooner you start your anti-aging routine, the better. Your hands can start to show signs of aging as early as your mid-20s. That being said, most people won’t actually begin to alter their self-care routine until signs more readily appear—this is often not until their 30s or 40s. By this time, your hands have already experienced a good amount of sun damage that is hard to undo.

Sunscreen is The MVP

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At Elias Dermatology, we preach this to our patients religiously: never leave your home without sunscreen. While many are efficient at incorporating this step in their routines, we often forget to include coverage on our hands. Luckily, it is never too late to start using SPF on your hands. With the help of a good broad-spectrum SPF, your hands will be protected by UVA rays and aging symptoms like brown spots.

Remember that the sun affects us even when we are not laying out at the beach. Before getting in the car, apply some moisturizing sunscreen on your hands. If you are getting a manicure, especially a gel manicure, make sure to apply SPF before using a UV drying light.

Don’t Skimp on the Moisturizer

As with our faces, keeping your hands moisturized will help them stay healthy and glowing. Especially overnight, make sure to apply a heavy hand cream. If you are prone to dermatitis or have sensitive skin, it is a good idea to keep contact with water to a minimum and use hand sanitizing gels and creams if possible.

Know Your Options

If you spent your teenage years basking in the sun and are paying for the repercussions now, fear not. Volume loss within the hands, usually appearing as prominent veins and ligaments, can be fixed with injectable fillers. These filers can help to replace the fat loss in the hands, leaving them fuller and healthier looking. The use of lasers can also help to remove aging signs like brown spots, which are a result of excessive sun damage.

Interested in learning more about what you can do to age-proof your hands? Contact Elias Dermatology for a free consultation today.

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