New Year, New You

Welcome to 2018: the year everything changes. We see big things in your future! Whether it’s a new job, new relationship, new friends, or even a new you altogether…this is the year. Say it with us, this is my year! And we’re here to help. While we can’t do much about the job or relationship, we can definitely help make sure you look your absolute best. We’re talking about tips, tricks, and dermatology hacks we’ve learned over the decades.

This isn’t the stuff your friends know. It isn’t the stuff your coworkers know. These are the unknown tips, the trade secrets we’ve letting you in on. Keep reading to learn how make those holiday pounds go away, how to stay youthful, and how to make sure your skin looks its best during this chilly Florida winter!

Slimming Down

The simplest way to get rid of unwanted holiday weight? Start exercising!

Easier said than done, right? Think again. We’re big fans of burst exercising, aka super short, super intense workouts you can do throughout your day. Yeah, the gym is awesome…but who has time to go? More importantly, who goes and sticks to it for the entire year? We sure don’t.

Examples of burst exercising include things like:

  • Switching up your commute – walk a few extra minutes each day and watch the steps add up
  • Take the dog out more often – you’ll be surprised how many calories you burn with a few extra walks everyday
  • Always take the stairs – need we say more?
  • Have walking meetings at work – your boss might not like it, but this is a surefire way to get those steps in

A couple other exercise hacks we love include: changing TV drinking games to TV sit up or lunge games, keep your gym bag in your car 24/7, invest in a weighted vest to help burn calories while doing everyday activities, and put a few dollars away every time you go for a run (it adds up FAST).

exercise on the beach

Exercising’s a good start, but what about eating healthy? We have some tips and tricks for that too!

Next time you’re at the grocery store, make sure to pick up:

  • Quinoa – protein and B12 means you’ll be full and energized
  • Kimchi – a mix of fermented veggies low in calories, rich in digestive enzymes, and packed with capsaicin to help boost your metabolism
  • Sprouts – lots of fiber with not so many calories
  • Kohlrabi – rich in fiber and nutrients and low in calories
  • Watermelon – mostly water, which helps you stay hydrated and healthy
  • Natto – fermented soybeans that look kind of funky, but are packed with fiber and act as a fat blocker
  • Mangosteen – super rich in vitamins and minerals, including xanthones which help burn fat and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

These foods will help you slim down, but if you want to go even further…try out these effective, but strange weight management hacks.

Smell some fruit

One study found participants dropped 30 pounds by sniffing apples, bananas, and peppermints.

smell fruits to slim down

Eat a large breakfast, a smaller lunch, and an even smaller dinner

A year-long study found that people who ate large breakfasts and smaller other meals lost 18 pounds, compared to the 7 that regular eaters lost.

If you want to see immediate results, we’re big fans of the cosmetic dermatology route.

Staying Youthful

Now that you’ve dealt with those unwanted holiday pounds, it’s time to start 2018 off by making sure you’re staying youthful. While we’re all young at heart, we’re talking about tips and tricks to help your skin stay smooth and beautiful.

Start your new year off right by doing the following:

Sleep on your back

Sounds random, but sleeping on your side will help natural furrows on the side of your face become wrinkles. Dermatologists around the world agree, stick to your back.

Relax your face

We walk around with so much emotion stored in our faces it’s almost insane. Angry? Your brows are furrowed. Sad? Your lips are turned down. Confused? Your forehead is wrinkled. Stressed? Your jaw is clenched. These all form grooves which, over time, become the wrinkles we dread.

relax your face to look younger

Eat grapes

Grapes are packed with sorbitol, which helps your body absorb and retain moisture. Want that fresh, youthful glow? Add some grapes to your breakfast!

Put some Pepto-Bismol on your face

This is the most out there tip…but it’s an absolute lifesaver for tightening up your skin. Bismuth subsalicylate, the active ingredient in Pepto, works to keep your skin tight and your pores small. It also dries out your skin, so make sure to moisturize afterwards.

Pay attention to the sun when driving

Did you know the left side of your face, neck, and upper chest are more likely to be sun damaged because of driving? Weird, but true. Make sure to tint your windows or keep some sun screen handy in your glovebox. You can thank us later.

new year new you

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