5 Foods to Help Improve Skin Appearance

Your body is an incredibly complex organism, with tons of moving parts. We recommend you to be mindful of everything you do, as small things can culminate into big things, since it is hard to know what will impact your body. There are many things we do know, however, we are happy to share them with you now. The food you eat has a significant effect on how you look, as everyone knows, but it affects your skin most of all. Here are 5 foods to help improve skin appearance.

1. Tomatoes

Whether it is a fruit or vegetable is not relevant, as tomatoes are good for your skin for sure. Part of the reason it is so delectable is because tomatoes are packed with antioxidants. Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, which organically improves your skin’s natural sun protection factor. Just five tablespoons of tomato paste a day, when combined with a table spoon of olive oil, boosts your skin’s protection against sunburns by 33%. Tomatoes and olive oil are not as good as sunscreen, of course, but helping your skin in the hot summer months is key for good skin all year round.

2. Kale

People overuse the words super food, and many more people are somewhat doubtful about all of claims we hear. However, if there is one super food, it is kale. Kale is one of the best sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, which absorb and neutralize the harmful effects of UV rays. Vitamin C and Vitamin A are also crucial to keeping your skin firm, and a single cup of kale provides you with more than your daily recommended value of the two nutrients.

3. Grass-Fed Beef

Finally, something to put on the grill. Beef has a good ratio of omega-3 fats, which bring a litany of health benefits with them. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids manage oil production and hydration of the skin, prevent acne and premature aging, and eliminates the hyperkeratinization of hair follicles. Beef also packs in the protein, bringing in a whopping 30 grams of protein per 3.5 ounce serving. Protein is a building block of collagen, which decreases wrinkles, and keeps the skin taut.

4. Bell Peppers

It is high time to spice up your diet. Bell peppers of any color are a good source of Vitamins C and E. Vitamin C powers up your immune system, and Vitamin E gives your hair a certain glow, but both do wonders for your skin. Carotenoids fight swelling, especially swelling caused by arthritis, and red bell peppers have them in abundance.

5. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are an interesting one. They are wonderful when eaten, and pumpkin-based DIY masks and creams are known to work wonders. They are rich in magnesium, which synthesizes DNA and RNA, and creates ATP in addition. Pumpkins are very much a beauty enhanced, as they are packed with Vitamins A, C, and E, making it your ace in the hole as it also is full of zinc.

For additional tips, consult a medical professional. We here at Elias Dermatology are experienced in making skin healthy and beautiful.

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