Dysport - Four Most Common Questions

If you’ve been avoiding mirrors – or you’re thinking about covering your mirrors at home to avoid seeing your fine lines and wrinkles – don’t do it! Come into the light. ELIAS Dermatology can help you with the popular facial injectable – Dysport. Dysport Injectible

Facial injectables temporarily improve the look of facial fine lines and wrinkles. You need this in your life. And whether we can directly pin our actions on social media influences, more of us are on a mission to enhance our beauty and boost our self-confidence. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The number of people getting minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures continues to rise, with  Injectables leading the way, according to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). It says of the nearly 16-million procedures performed in 2017, 7.3 million procedures were botulinum toxin Type A injections, such as Dysport and Botox.

Dysport Question #1: What is Dysport and How Does it Work?

Dysport is an injectable that helps smooth the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows.  A medical aesthetician puts one injection into each of 5 points between and above the eyebrows, and this temporarily prevents muscle contractions that cause frown lines.    

Frown lines and wrinkles are caused by a number of factors, including repeated movements, such as those that occur when we make facial expressions. And while Dysport reduces specific muscle activity, it doesn’t change the look or movement of the rest of your face, which brings us to our next question.

Dysport Question #2: What is the difference between Dysport and BOTOX?


That’s an excellent question! Let’s look at Dysport vs. Botox. Dysport and Botox are very similar. Because untreated muscles still usually work, you’re able to express your feelings naturally.  

Dysport tends to diffuse more – meaning it covers a larger area than BOTOX. And finally - on average, Dysport is less expensive than BOTOX.

Dysport Question #3: How Long Does It Take and How Long Will It Last?

The treatment usually takes about 10-20 minutes, and there is minimal downtime after your procedure. Some users see improvement in just 2-3 days after treatment. Dysport may help improve the look of your frown lines between the eyebrows for up to 4 months. And by the way, you've never too young to start Dysport injections. You can use it as a preventative measure when you're in your 20s or 30s.

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