Botox and its many uses!

While Botox is classicaly known as the wrinkle eraser, it has so many unbelievable uses its truly amazing. New uses are being found every day for Botox as evidenced by Time magazine featuring it on January 10, 2017 edition discussing 800 uses for Botox! Below we give you some less common uses within Dermatology for Botox that we would be delighted to treat you for:

  1. Help treat acne - very small amounts diffused throughout the skin via microneedling can curb oil production and treat acne.
  2. Lift the tip of your nose.
  3. Relieve pain from TMJ and soften square jaws - injecting it straight into the muscles that cause grinding and pain, works beautifully.
  4. Roll the top lip up and prevent gummy smiles.
  5. Treat excessive sweating in the underarms, hands, and feet - by injecting it in areas where your swearing Botox prevents the sweat glands from getting the signal to sweat thus stopping you from sweating.
  6. Stop Migraines - truly lifesaving!
  7. Blow-dry bar madness - Botox into the scalp and hairline can make your blowout last longer. This utilizes the no sweat concept above to keep your hair fresh.
  8. Prevent or minimize scars - by placing Botox at fresh incision sites it prevents the muscles from pulling the scar apart yielding much nicer appearing scars.
  9. Depression - by improving facial muscles tone people are happier! This works via biofeedback and studies have revealed that Botox can help treat depression.